Crompton Engineering has tightened focus to become New Zealand’s specialists in flood control, building and installing floodgates, pumps, headstocks, steel culverts, and whatever else is needed to allow farmers to best manage their water resources. We are providing the New Zealand agricultural sector with all its mechanical needs from flood gate installation and manufacture of pumps, headstocks, and everything else in between.

Beyond flood control solutions, Crompton Engineering can also provide you with machinery and tools for harvest and cultivation. Our fleet of diggers and harvesters are at your disposal so give us a call to arrange a quote.

With over 40 years experience in delivering rural engineering solutions to New Zealand farmers, we are the undisputed experts for equipping you with the tools to maximise the potential of your farm.

Recently, Crompton Engineering has been involved in helping mechanise the process of growing and handling kumara, as well as continuing to manufacture other lines of machinery for the wider farming industry. We’re always up for a challenge so if you have a problem that requires a complex solution, we’re more than eager to offer our services.

CEL Stainless Steel Floodgate

While working as a contractor to the Kaipara District Council, maintaining their comprehensive network of floodgates, flood pumps, and sluice gates, we developed a cheap and effective clamp-on gate for virtually any type of culvert. It is a stainless steel clamping system with a plastic flap and covers culverts up to approx. one metre in diameter.

Alongside this clamp, we developed a head wall to contain soil to reduce issues caused by falling soil. This combination of lightweight material and easy installation has now become the preferred floodgate solution for many farmers across New Zealand.